Covid-19 Policy

Due to the current outbreak of the coronavirus, please find some additional notes further to my terms and conditions. I hope this will help and provide some reassurance on how I must now groom in a safe and professional manner.


I now have a brand new especially made-to-fit wooden gate fitted to the side entrance of my property for you to enter from when you bring your pup. I will be placing an extra-large crate within this secured area outside of my studio room. May I please ask that you now, until it is safe to do otherwise, put your pup into the crate provided and carefully remove your pups lead, harness and collar and place these into the green basket provided or take them home with you. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SECURE THE CRATE ONCE YOUR PUP IS INSIDE.  Fresh drinking water will be provided if you have just walked your pup here. I will also be providing a spray bottle of disinfectant, some paper towels, bin and some hand sanitiser for your assurance and peace of mind. Please note, I WILL BE disinfecting the crate between grooms so please be assured there will be no chance of cross-contamination. All of my disinfecting and sterilising products used will combat the coronavirus strain and this will be used to sterilise all tools used, to disinfect the grooming table, disinfect the bath and disinfect the floor between every groom from each household. Information can be provided and are available on my Facebook page.


I will then ask you to go back outside the gate so that I can come out of the studio and collect your pupster adhering to social distancing regulations between you and I. I will then be taking your pup straight in for a bath to remove any possibility of the coronavirus from the coat before I continue with the grooming process. Once your pups groom has been completed, I will give you a call and then place your baby back inside the crate for your collection.


In addition to my terms and conditions, and during this pandemic, I will now be offering the opportunity to pay by bank transfer. I will also still be taking cash or cheques if you would prefer to keep to this method. I will be placing a tray for you to put money onto using a pebble to hold any notes or cheques into place.


Please be aware that when you see me, I will be wearing full PPE. This may be quite daunting for your pup which saddens me to be honest but it is currently a necessity during these difficult times.


May I please ask that if you, or any member of your family have any symptoms of the corona strain that you remain at home following the guidelines we must all follow. I will not be charging for any late notice cancelled appointments during this time if you believe you have symptoms. Should I, or any member of my household have any symptoms, I would also need to cancel any appointments with you.




Much love 


Marina xx